Stofpad 4x4 Rock Sliders
by Stofpad 4x4

Stofpad 4×4 rock sliders are engineered to withstand any force that you may throw in its way. The rock sliders are bolted to the vehicle’s chassis and no modifications or welding is required. The rock sliders are powder-coated and polished stainless steel logo plates are added to finish the slider off in style. Driving a 4×4 vehicle wherever you want is one of the many advantages of having a 4×4, but most well-used 4×4 vehicles suffer from more than the average wear and tear by crawling over 4×4 obstacles, on 4×4 trails or off-road trips.

  • Impact protection for side and bottom of vehicle
  • Easy access to the vehicle
  • Prevention of u201cgravel rashu201d
  • Availability of jack connection points, including High-lift
  • Provides easy access to roof racks
  • Prevent damage due to doors being opened against your vehicle in parking areas