Efs Elite
by Efs

The EFS Elite Shock Absorber Range is developed for the 4wd owner who only pursues the best for their 4wd. EFS is built with high quality Internal & external components combined together to give you excellent performance and longevity. EFS shock absorbers are vehicle & height specific with valving developed to suit each vehicle. "Not a one shock suits all approach"

  • 51mm - 60mm External Tube - Greater oil capacity to keep the valve at a lower operating temperature
  • Low Pressure Nitrogen Gas - Prevent the oil from cavitating (foaming)
  • Long Travel Design - Maximises wheel articulation
  • 35mm Piston, Twin Tube Construction - Increased control of the spring during rebound and compression cycles
  • 16mm Quality Hardened Chromed Piston Rod Longer service life, and greater lateral strength
  • 1.5mm Outer & Inner Wall Thickness Greater durability and strength
  • Dynamic Motion Control Valve - Adjusts to different road & off road conditions
  • Polyurethane and rubber bushes u2013 HI quality elastomer and rubber mounting bushes to suit specific applications